(MP)²® Technology

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(MP)²® stands for Multi Polar Magnetic Pulses , a combination of Bi-polar RF Matrix and pulsed magnetic fields.


How Does (MP)² Works

Each synthesizer of the hand held apparatus is built of either 4 or 8 magnetized RF electrode that simultaneously emits RF and magnetic pulse fields. The pulses are transmitted in varying phases between any 2 synthesizers in an organized matrix that homogeneously raise the temperature over the entire treatment area and create highly efficient woven dense energy that deeply penetrates the skin layer for maximum efficacy.

The Role of Pulse Magnetic Fields in (MP)²

The pulsed magnetic field (PMF) is an important and successful modality, approved by FDA, to treat a wide range of clinical disorders. Using the PMF in aesthetic medicine, we can apply short pulses of electrical current through a coil placed over the skin that induces magnetic fields through the skin and forms Foucault (Eddy) electrical currents which change the electrical potential of charged receptors on the membrane of dermal cells. The stimulated receptors activate the cell biological systems to perform molecular and cellular reactions.

The Role of the Radio Frequency Matrix in (MP)²

The RF bipolar matrix supplies high-frequency alternating electrical currents penetrating the skin through electrodes.

The penetrated electrical energy at 1 MHz, 150 Watts, causes collisions between charged molecules and ions with transformation of mechanical energy to heat with supra normal temperatures in the dermis and hypodermis

Potential Clinical effect of Radio Frequency Using (MP)²

The Matrix RF heat affects fibroblasts, extra cellular matrix (ECM) and fat cells. Heating skin with RF causes immediate collagen shrinkage. The collagen fibers became shorter and thicker. Stimulation of dermal fibroblasts by mild thermally mediated wounding induces a synthesis of new collagen fibers (neocollagenesis) and elastic fibers (neoelastogenesis) after several weeks.

Stimulation of skin fat cells by supra normal temperature, induces an immediate increase rate of enzyme (lipase) mediated breakdown of TGs (Lypolisis) to glycerol and free fatty acids (FFAs) with decrease of fat cells volume.

Potential Clinical effect of PMF Using (MP)²

It was demonstrated that fibroblasts exposed to a low pulsed PMF (1.3 mT, 60 Hz) significantly increase production of collagen. The major differentiated function of fibroblasts, possibly by reducing cyclic-AMP level9 but not via thermal mechanisms. Since the magnetic pulses apparatus caused an insufficient temperature rise (less than 0.1 degree C) to account for these results.

Shahin et al. demonstrated that applying magnetic pulses (2mTpeak intensity 25 Hz for 2.5 h/day) during 8 days increased significantly the collagen production in rat skin.

Stimulation of dermal fibroblasts by magnetic pulses stimulate the production of vascular growth factors mainly FGF-2 and other growth factors which stimulate proliferation of endothelial cell and tubulization and induction of changes in different surrounding cells. The consequence is enhancement of angiogenesis = formation of new capillaries and small blood vessels.

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